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Welcome to Shiksha Bharati Foundation

Education is the movement from darkness to light

As India launched the Right to Education Act, nearly 92% of the Indian schools do not implement this new rule whole-heartedly into their regime. This leaves out around 50% of the Indian children abandoned outside the doors of an educational institution. We at Shiksha Bharati Foundation, work everyday, one child at a time, to erase illiteracy among the under-privileged & spread the Light of Knowledge.

Our Mission

To ensure that every child enjoys access to quality education without fail, irrespective of his/her economic and social status.

Our Vision

To builld a neighborhood where Education Disparity doesn't exist anymore through constant efforts of philanthrophists, volunteers, parents & students themselves.

Our Activities

Small yet determined initiatives taken to secure a better future


We scrutinize the neighborhood & pinpoint the areas with high-concentration of children having no access to an educative environment.


Our team helps the under-privileged children get access to systematic education that helps them build a strong academic base.

Skill Development

We help the young people find interests and specialize in basic skills which can potentially help them economically sustain themselves in the future

Who We Are ?

We are a part of the Bright Educational Services.

Education is an important pre-requisite to assess a person's capability. It is a crucial factor that determines the prosperity of one's future. But sadly, despite its stark necessity, numerous children still don’t have access to a proper, standard Education Regime.

The Shiksha Bharati Foundation is a non-profit organization that looks into this grave scholastic disparity that prevails amidst the children of our society. We extensive work with children who hail from different social backgrounds & are exposed to varying education facilities or are given no such facility at all.

What People Say

Changing the lives of children is a continuous process. Nothing can be done in a limited period. As individuals we have to continue to give support by way of financial help, time as well as other resources. I believe in continuity and devotion without deviation.

Suresh Sharma
Suresh Sharma

Working with Shiksha Bharati has been a very revealing and enriching experience. I realized that there are many small things that can be done to contribute to child rights. Yes, what is needed is a bit of sensitivity and willingness to do something worthwhile.

Kumar Thapa
Kumar Thapa

My dream for children is not only food, clothing & shelter but they should get proper education, guidance & love from all. Children should be given proper time & nourishment to develop. I see a different world where people from all walks of life, people from different locations come & work together for a better tomorrow.

Kusal Rai
Kusal Rai

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